Has your client ever said to you, “I really need to see what this is going to look like, your print out just doesn't show me enough.”



You’ll Never Have to Say “Trust Me, It’ll Look Great On Press”

Make your idea a reality

Clients may be smart, rich and important. But in one respect,
they're severely challenged. They'll never admit it, but they are. They
can't visualize.

So if you, talented designer, brilliant art director or clever studio manager, want to sell your stuff, you've got to show it the way you visualize it.

Metallic inks and foils have to glimmer and shine. Embossed images have to bust off the page. And, your PMS® colors have to be right on
the money.

Describing it isn't enough

Either show it or blow it. And how do you show a comprehensive layout that looks like a finished job if your in-house studio can't figure out how to produce it? You call the graphics professionals at Debel Digital.

Any idea you can think up, we can get down. In any size. In any color. On any stock. Your one of a kind idea, produced one at a time…economically.
Hey, it's not magic. It's just our ingenuity and our stubborn drive to be the best.

We utilize a variety of techniques to achieve just the effect you want. Everything from rub-down transfers to color-on-acetate overlays, package comps for photography, direct transfers to photos, ink jet prints…even glass and wall graphics!

• Rub-Down Transfers
• Press Type/Int's
• Dry Transfers

Whatever you call it, we will produce it to your specifications.

Our services include:

• Stamping
• Embossing
• Die Cutting

Call 516-224-4777 today to see samples that will expand your thinking of what comps should look like. Or, simply call to discuss that incredible idea that must be seen to be sold.





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Personalized value added service…

“I’ve known Michael for several years and know him to provide a quality value added service. As one of the few family businesses left in an industry dominated by large corporate firms, the Debel's still pick up the phone when you call. Michael gets to know his clients and their needs on a one- on-one personalized basis and is always ready to help make it better or bring something new to the party and consistently delivers as promised.”

Joseph Ruiz,
CBX cbx.com